idApostle is an Ottawa-based graphic design studio passionate about branding, naming and logo design.

Book jacket cover design for A Promise by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

N45 Architecture Inc. Logo and Branding by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Isobel Trigger Logo and Branding by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

An identity love affair

For twenty-five years I have partnered with people who are passionate about what they are doing. My clients are located around the globe and varied, but all share a belief that design can improve their business. If you are a startup, or an established company looking to better communicate why you matter through branding including custom logo design and company naming, let’s chat.

The branding process should provide value far beyond the delivery of a symbol.

Printing costs are an ongoing factor for marketing budgets. What are the pros and cons of digital versus offset printing for a series of gift cards?

Business cards can be more than utilitarian, more than a surface to print your name, title, and contact information. They can be an opportunity to create an impactful expression of your brand—a tactile gesture for someone to take with them, something they will remember, and want to share.

The creative process involves tangible actions juxtaposed with the intangible mystery of creativity. It often suffers under a linear approach and blossoms when you dare to ask ”why don’t we try . . .” It’s what makes something more than just an idea. It offers a result via the marriage of imagination, analysis, and action.

The monogram for Westboro Nursery School by idApostle appears in the newly published book Alphabet Logo by Counter-Print.

The goal of branding is not to have everyone like the result. The goal is to have certain people love it.