idApostle is an Ottawa-based graphic design studio passionate about branding, naming and logo design.

Lionhead rebranding by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

Branding and logo design for Ottawa furniture store Alteriors by idApostle

Branding for rock band Isobel Trigger, including logo design and album cover


An identity love affair

For twenty-five years, I have partnered with people who are passionate about what they are doing. My clients are located around the globe and varied, but all share a belief that design can improve their business. If you are a startup, or an established company looking to better communicate why you matter through graphic design including branding and logo design, some of your initial questions about working with idApostle are likely answered here.


The branding process should provide value far beyond the delivery of a symbol.

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Originally published in the book Logo Nest, this article offers advice on how graphic designers can approach sketching as a vital part of the creative process of logo design and branding.

You must determine where your brand is headed to discover what it should say.

Research has a bad rap as the boring part of any graphic design process when the truth is that inspiration is uncovered through this discovery phase.

This second (and unused) concept for Lionhead centres around an abstract lion created by three transparent and overlapping circles representing the Lionhead offering—design, build, and manage—as overlapping and complimentary services.


The goal of branding is not to have everyone like the result. The goal is to have certain people love it.

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