Give Them Reason 10: Intangibles

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

Give them reason:
Notes for inspiring brands

Give them reason 10: Intangibles

Successful branding invests in the intangibles. Things that do not directly affect revenue. They create memorable moments, develop stories, and think long-term.

Take Action:

Strong branding takes time and is more than stamping your logo on every surface. Efforts to consistently affect how people feel at every possible touch point requires looking beyond the short-sighted “will this make us money now?”  Branding is about creating good will, fostering shared beliefs, highlighting aligned values, and creating a lasting impression. How can you impress on your customers that you are interested in more than the next sale?

Excellent Resource:

Why intangibles are the more sustainable competitive advantages by Brandstroke.

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