Best Brand Related Links for November 2010

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

Here are a few logo, brand, logo and graphic design related links I enjoyed this month:

Designer Michael Vanderbyl on Making Brands Authentic

Michael Vanderbyl is a multidisciplinary designer that has a message for companies, “A brand should be about truth.” Here, he tells us how designers must be part of business from the beginning, to create an authentic brand and fit a company into a world where design is all around us.

Take a few minutes to check out this fantastic three minute video.

Source: Fast Company

Conversations with Paul Rand DVD now available

Paul Rand was one of the foremost designer/artists in America. A pioneer in many areas of the visual arts, his work remains relevant today Rand’s books: Thoughts on Design and From Lascaux to Brooklyn are guide-posts to the art of visual communication.

In this film, Rand shares his conclusions on design, fine art, form andcontent from his lifetime of practice.

You can order the DVD here for $40 including shipping.


Crowd-Sourcing Design: The Last Frontier

“The need for extremely smart design has increased as businesses go global and consumers become more design savvy—at least that is the theory. Graphic designers have also become more sophisticated when it comes to conceiving integrated strategies for business. More importantly, they have become integral and valued collaborators. Designers are sitting around the proverbial boardroom table—at least some of them.

But not at 99 Designs: Design Done Differently, which as its model lassos the work of 100 designers or so at a time for a “competition” following a mail-in brief, and presents 100 or so designs to a client so that one can be selected.” Read more

Source: imprint, Author: Steven Heller

Bruce Mau at Pratt: A Designer is a Living Revolution of Possibility

“. . . He reminded us that the opportunities and resources available to today’s youth exceed those of kings and queens throughout history—“This is the most incredible era to be born, to be alive. The challenges we face are the challenges of success, not failure.” He left us with a few principles to keep in mind when trying to bring about massive change by design, through a network of what he called ‘challenge partners’:”

1. Purpose inspires learning.
Remember design is the first signal of intention.

2. Worst equals Best.
Failure is a successful solution for a different problem.

3. Public is critical.
Solutions must be open and accessible.

Source: Catlyst, Author: Giselle Carr

Identity: Best of the Best 2010

“In the evening of April 8 at “Design and Advertising” exhibition in Moscow (Russia) the results of Identity: Best of the Best 2010 contest were announced.”
Some very nice work that is definitely worth a look.

Source: Identity Best of the Best

The Essentials of Branding

Landor has made available to download, an entire chapter from The Big Book of Marketing: Lessons and Best Practices from the World’s Greatest Companies.

The difference between a brand and branding

Starting a branding project
Start with the right reason
Start with the right commitment
Start with the right business strategy
Start with the right focus—customers
Analyze the brand’s equity
Uncover insights and identify opportunities

The brand strategy
Defining the brand idea
Defining the brand architecture
Defining the brand personality
Producing the creative brief

Creating the brand experience
Crafting the verbal identity
Designing the visual and sensory identities
Testing verbal and visual identities

Delivering the brand experience

Managing a brand

Measuring the performance of a brand
Tracking brand strength
Measuring brand value

Case study: BP
Delivering the brand promise

Source: Landor

Do You REALLY Want to be a Design “Rock Star?”

“We all are guilty of wanting to be famous. We crave the attention and hope the notoriety will raise our rates and make our peers love us unconditionally. For some, it’s a chance for revenge on art school classmates and a chance to look down our noses at our peers. Basically, there is one good reason to gain notoriety; money. The other reasons are self-seeking and petty. There are, of course, those out there who thrive on such pettiness” Read more

Source: Processed Identity, Author: Speider Schneider

If you have any great posts I missed this month, please share them below.


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