Design Presentation Deck (Concept 1) for N45 Architecture Branding and Logo Design

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

This presentation deck is one of two idApostle created while developing the branding for N45 Architecture Inc. (N45), an architectural firm with 35 years experience, and an important contributor to the architectural landscape of Ottawa. N45 offers solution-focused design and services primarily to institutions and developers. N45 delivers an interactive process that materializes each client’s vision while considering the long-term impact of design decisions.

This branding concept focuses on the process of working with N45 Architecture Inc.

Rough sketches expose the process and foster thoughts of creativity, exploration, and problem-solving, letting the client into the process.

The symbol is constructed of basic shapes (lines, curves, corners) to form a 45 in a style that complements the sketches. Hidden within is a plus symbol that while not highlighted, is a nice little discovery (like the arrow in the FedEx wordmark). The symbol can be repeated to create a brand pattern, or elements of the symbol can be used individually as graphical elements (see corners used on the envelope).

This solution plays on the process of things coming together. Both the symbol and sketches imply a process, and not just a product. It tells a story of the thoughtful people and designs of N45 Architecture Inc.

You can view the other concept presented to N45 Architecture, and read more about the completed branding.

A few pages of the deck not intended for public distribution have been removed.

Design Presentation Deck (Concept 1) for N45 Architecture Inc.
















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