Don’t Call it That—a Brand Naming Book by Eli Altman

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

I wrote a short post about The Ice Cream Principle after buying a Kindle version of Don’t Call it That a while back, and the author was kind enough to send a hard copy my way.





DON’T CALL IT THAT is a step-by-step workbook that will guide you through the naming process. A Hundred Monkeys Creative Director, Eli Altman, will help you develop attention grabbing names that speak to your audience and establish the seed of your brand.

The book is like that friend who isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear. It’ll help you understand what’s at stake and how to approach naming creatively without neglecting practical realities like positioning, trademark and URLs.

How do you find a name that’s available?
How do you find a name that grabs people’s attention?
How do you tell the difference between a good name and a bad one?
How do you test names in the real world?
How do you find a name that elevates you above the competition?

DON’T CALL IT THAT will set you straight.







This book is an insightful, direct, and fun tool that delivers purpose for anyone involved in a naming project.

You can get your hard copy (so much nicer than the Kindle version) here.

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