Dynamic Logo by Dopress Books

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada


“As the development of company brand concept and more companies with complicated concept appear, it’s difficult to express multi-layer brand concept while depending on single LOGO. Dynamic (or various forms) logo and identity design is the best solution to this problem. Based on a complete reasonable and systematic design structure, dynamic (or various forms) identity design changes according to different environments. Although dynamic logo is hard for designing, its effect is more vivid, infectious and impressive. It has become a new trend, and will also become a new kind of brand-design.

This book is a collection of this kind of brand logo designs. According to different trades, it displays the outstanding newest dynamic logo designs in the world. In addition to the logos, it also introduces the design background and makes readers fully understanding about the designs. We believe that this book will be a new source for readers to absorb new knowledge and more high-end ideas on brand design.”

While Dynamic Logo does include a few identities many designers have seen before, the majority were new to me. I love that very few are from North America. The identities come from just about everywhere else including Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, and Macedonia.

Each identity is presented on a two-page spread (some four) and includes a short description with a handful of images showcasing not only the logo, but the branding in action. This provides a much better understanding of the identity than the average logo book where logos are shown in isolation.


101 projects are broken into six sections, totalling 256 pages.


Agilone Inc. branding by Gaston Yagmourian


Trivalent branding by Nina Georgieva


Natasha Trayan branding by Evan Dorlot


Axis of Culture in Katowice branding by Ola Krupa


The Sydney Pavilion, Shanghai Biennale 2012 branding by RE


Helder branding by COOEE


Flux Consultants branding by RE


Prima Vina Stiriae Slovenae Group of Wineries branding by Ilovar Stritar

Dynamic Logo is published by Dopress Books.

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