Four idApostle Logos Selected for LogoLounge Publications

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

Shapes and Symbols

Two idApostle logos were selected to appear in the new LogoLounge project, Shapes and Symbols, the third book in the new Master Library series. The publication showcases exemplary logo design work from creatives around the world. The first and second books in the series, Initials and Crests and Animals and Mythology, are already best sellers from Rockport Publishers.

TaraSpan Group Logo by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

TaraSpan is an Ottawa-based company accelerates business growth for technology companies by providing entry into the India marketplace. A detailed look at the development of the branding can be seen here.

Blue Water Logo by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

BlueWater was developed for a pulp and paper mill and can be seen in further detail here.

LogoLounge Volume 6

Two other logos were selected from over 34,000 entries to appear in the 6th volume of the best-selling series of LogoLounge books. The LogoLounge series is compiled in association with, providing graphic designers with an invaluable source of design inspiration and a resource for design solutions. The book is to be published in February 2011 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

idApostle Logo by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle
The idApostle logo was also recently selected for publication in Design DNA: Logos.
Processed Identity Logo
Processed Identity is a website that explores the creative processes graphic designers from around the world use when defining and refining visual brands.

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  1. Duane Kinsey says:

    Very nice work Steve. Recognition very well deserved.

  2. Thanks very much Duane. Very kind of you to take the time to let me know you like them.