Lionhead Logo Design, Tagline and Rebranding

Lionhead Management Ltd. is a friendly, client-centric firm formed in 2001 that designs, manages, and builds high-quality new homes (custom and infills), as well as residential additions and renovations in the Ottawa area.

Lionhead Logo and Branding by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Lionhead simplifies the hurdles involved in design and building through open book accounting for budgets and invoices, direct and consistent contact with a single lead person throughout a project, an ability to clearly explain the process, and by reliably delivering on their promises. Lionhead focuses on building comfort by listening, remaining flexible, responsive, and empowering clients to be involved and aware throughout the entire process.

idApostle was hired to rebrand Lionhead with a new logo, tagline, vehicle signage, website and many other deliverables.

Old Lionhead logo and branding

Old branding

Lionhead Project
Lionhead Project

Geny House—a Lionhead project.

Ottawa home builder logos (competition)

A selection of competitor logos

Lionhead logo development ideas 1

Lionhead logo development ideas 2

Two different concepts were presented to the client (have a look at the presentation deck for the second idea). The images above show just some of the exploration that occurred while refining this particular concept.

Lionhead logo colour by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


Because of the strong company name, we wanted to use a lion’s head but with a more unexpected and innovative approach—something modern and minimal.

The abstract lion symbol avoids the direction taken by so many other lion related logos. The three overlapping squares that make up the lion’s mane represent the three roles Lionhead provides (design, build, manage) coming together to form a well executed and thoughtful result.

The many intersecting points reflect cooperation, planning, discussion and provide a feeling of transparency while the crown graphic is influenced by the design of a roofline.

Lionhead symbol colour by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


Lionhead tagline by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


The tagline We build on transparency was developed by idApostle to leverage the key benefit of openness while playing on the word ‘build’ to imply both the building of a relationship as well as a physical structure.

Lionhead stationery design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


Lionhead letterhead design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


Lionhead sticker design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle


Lion head business card design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

Business Cards

Lionhead vehicle signage design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

Vehicle signage

Lionhead lawn signage design by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

Lawn signage

See the Lionhead Rebranding Presentation Decks Shown to the Client

To see how idApostle presents ideas, have a look at the original design presentation deck for Lionhead as well as a second concept.

Deliverables: logo, tagline creation, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, stickers, website (under development)

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