Lionhead Rebranding: The Second Concept

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

The rebranding project for Lionhead resulted in two design concept decks being presented. The final branding can be seen here, but I wanted to share the presentation deck for this alternate idea.

Lionhead rebranding concept 2 business cards


Alternate Rebranding Concept

This second idea centres around an abstract lion head created by three transparent and overlapping circles representing the Lionhead offering—design, build, and manage—as overlapping and complimentary services.

It’s a friendly approach with an a-ha moment when the lion in the symbol is seen for the first time. It also uses an alternative taglinePride driven design, building & management—that plays on the company name, a group approach, and self-respect.

Click through to view the Lionhead Rebranding Concept 2 Presentation Deck.

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