Logo Design and Branding Presentation Decks

These presentation decks demonstrate how logo design and branding concepts are shown to clients that work with idApostle.

Concept decks are developed after completing Armed With Purpose to gain an understanding of the project and it’s goals, and once a written creative diction has been approved. The purpose of the concept deck is to provide context, giving real life examples of the proposed branding in use. I am a strong believer in the benefits of showing design concepts in this format over presenting a logo in isolation. The process of creating a presentation deck provides an opportunity to explore how the proposed branding would be implemented. This exercise, in turn, exposes where further changes should be made before showing the client, resulting in a stronger concept.


The deck content changes depending on the project, but generally has the creative direction, rationale, competitor logos, logo design in multiple formats, design for deliverables including business cards, letterhead and signage, font and colour usage.

A few pages not intended for public distribution have been removed from each of the decks below.


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