Logo Design for Cyber Threat Intelligence Company CanCyber

CanCyber Logo Design by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

CanCyber is a Canadian cyber threat intelligence software company. CanCyber offers a free and open membership for Canadian businesses, providing the data and tools to find malware on the way in, or out of networks.

We wanted to avoid the overused imagery of shields and checkmarks that are so prominent in this market, and instead, focus on CanCyber’s role as a voice for Canadian businesses and analysts. CanCyber fosters sharing of information, enabling the Canadian business community to protect itself from cyber threats of all types.

The logo design, based on a maple leaf represents information coming in and out of a network, and threats being stopped. It’s an uplifting and positive approach reflecting CanCyber’s brand.

CanCyber Symbol Design by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle


CanCyber Business Cards by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Business Card

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