Logo Design is Not Like Mr. Potato Head

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

Logo Design Is Not Like Mr. Potato Head by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

For the past year, I have been very active on Twitter but have completely ignored Facebook. Having recently seen that People Use Facebook 44% And Twitter 29% For Social Sharing, I have decided to take the leap and start using the service. I will be posting more frequently on Facebook than I do on this site with unique content related to logo design, branding, graphic design, and design ethics.

999 Ways Not to Design a Logo is an excellent example of the sort of stuff I will be posting so have a look and  ‘like me’.

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  1. Joshua Balleza says:

    I was wondering why your article was on facebook but it wasn’t up on here yet! Anyways, I thought your article on the “999 components” book was great insight. I totally agree that so many people are making branding/identity so much of a template based creative process that it hardly is creative anymore.

  2. Thanks Joshua. I am still trying to sort out how/what I will post on here versus on Facebook. I think for what I consider the more interesting Facebook posts I will add a link on this site—lIke I have done here.

    The book is horrible and I am surprised that Rockport didn’t anticipate it’s publication would upset a few designers. I am hopeful they won’t make a second edition of ‘clip art logos’.

    I checked out your site and you have some nice work. In particular, I liked the Sophomore Piano Recital Poster