My Favorite Logo Design Posts for April 11-17

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

A few graphic design, logo and branding articles I enjoyed from the last seven days.

“The project plateau is littered with the carcasses of dead ideas that never happened.” @ScottBelsky #99Conf (via @the99percent)6:38 AM Apr 16th

I’m a designer. Use me better.

“If a client asks us to design a brochure; we say silly things like, “Wouldn’t it be a great idea to send them a letter with the brochure. Yeah, and let’s send them a postcard before we send them the brochure so they know the brochure is coming. And if we send them a postcard before we send them the brochure we really ought to send them a postcard after we send them the brochure.” Much nodding of heads.” Read more

Source: Noisy Decent Graphics, Author: Ben Terrett

That Dirty Word — “Creative.”

“Although I have a diploma from one of the most respected art schools in the world and a client list of the Fortune 100, some people still seem to think I need help doing my job.” Read more

Source: Processed Identity, Author: Speider Schneider

Brand Signals drive consumers’ perceptions and expectations.

“Brand Signals are tangible cues (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell or action) that directly equate to the brand. These multi-sensory signals provide the tangibility necessary for consumers to understand the deeper brand meaning that lies beneath the surface.” Read more

Source: Black Coffee

Weed Out Your Customers From Hell

“Sure, you should always strive to treat your customers like lifetime investments, but every so once in a while you’ll find yourself with a customer who seems bent on being a lifetime pain in the neck.  These folks are like weeds in your garden: they choke out the sun, suck up all the nutrients, and leave you with precious little time to take care of all the good stuff.” Read more

Source: BNET, Author: Donna Fenn

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