My Favorite Logo Design Posts for April 18-24

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

A few graphic design, logo, and branding  articles I enjoyed from the last seven days.

Famous corporate logos & design contests?

“It’s not often that I snark on an individual blog post but will this time, partially to illustrate the lengths some companies will go to promote their design contest sites, but mostly ’cause Charlie asked. Charlie B. Johnson (uh-huh) over at Graphic Design Blog is at it again, publishing a blog post entitled Do famous companies prefer Logo Design Contests – Yes or No? With Charlie’s awkward connections to Logo Design Guru’s design contest site Mycroburst, I was willing to bet that the answer would be a resounding “yes”. Luckily, after reading the post, I wasn’t disappointed. But he did ask the question. So, I’ll try to answer.” Read more

Source: The Logo Factory, Author: Steve Douglas

99% Conference Recap: Speaker Insights, Part I and II

“Wow. It was another huge year for the 99% Conference this past Thursday and Friday in New York as 400+ creative minds came together to focus NOT on inspiration or idea generation, but rather on the mechanics of making ideas happen. The Times Center was charged with the energy of an audience full of creative intention as our power-packed lineup of speakers took the stage.” Part I Part II

Source: 99%, Author: Jocelyn K. Glei

5 Steps to a Better Design Brief

“If you look around you I’m sure you can find plenty of great advice on how to write a good design brief. Therefore I will assume that most of you would know what they are and how to do so. However I have found that such advice are often “cookie cutter” at best, and may not necessary help you get your design job done right. However if you want a better and tighter brief, these 5 steps might just help you turn your design into a great one!” Read more

Source: Design Sojourn

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