My Favourite Logo Design Posts for September 2010

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

After taking the summer off, I am slowly getting back into things. Here are a few logo, graphic design and branding articles I have enjoyed this month:

Paul Rand Retrospective Film

“For Paul Rand’s posthumous induction into The One Club’s Hall of Fame for 2007, we created a short film, combining original animation with a videotaped interview of Rand himself, that encapsulated his unique and timeless contribution to the design community” Take 4 minutes and check it out.

Source: Imaginary Forces

Paul Rand Lecture Series

Steven Heller Lectures on design history. There are a huge number of videos available covering branding, design, typography and more. An amazing free resource.  Read More

Source: School of Visual Arts

The Customer Is Not Always Right (picture)

1. The Customer Is Not Always Right

2. Eataly Is Not Always Right

3. Through Our Differences, We Make Harmony


Source: PSFK

The Value of a Logo

“Without constant investment, a logo can become a visual crutch, a go-to that receives little effort and certainly no evaluation of specific needs. It winds up centered on the top of the letterhead and placed with the same heavy-handedness on every other piece of marketing material” (Ok, so this is actually one of my own articles I wrote as a guest contributor for the great More Than a Logo blog.)  Read more

Source: More Than a Logo, Author: Steve Zelle

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