Three Codes: Brand creation including naming and logo design for Ottawa electrical company

idApostle was tasked with developing the branding for a new Ottawa-based electrical company including naming, writing, and all visual brand assets.

Having developed the branding for DP Electric, idApostle was asked to do something similar—but entirely different—for its yet to be named sister company. This company differed in several ways. It was younger—not only in its short existence but in the age of the people involved. This meant the partners didn’t have the legacy of an existing brand like DP Electric. This company is more involved in new technologies for smart homes and home automation. We wanted to capture the younger energy of the partners as well as provide a direct answer to “Why choose us?” by openly embracing several key benefits to their customers.

Stickers for Ottawa electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle


Naming for Ottawa electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Company naming

Naming a company can be tough—finding one everyone is comfortable with, one that can be registered, has an available URL, and one that sparks interest. Ideally, it should serve as an inspiration point for all branding efforts. After an extensive naming exercise, Three Codes emerged as the name that best accomplished these goals. It stands out within the industry and speaks directly to why the company is meaningful. The name provided a powerful starting point for creating the Three Codes brand.

Logo for Ottawa electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Simple and bold. The logo/wordmark uses a type-based solution to reinforce the three promises. Red provides energy against the dark background—inspired by an electrical panel.

Tagline for Ottawa electrical company Three Codes: Energetic. Current. Efficient.

The tagline is short and provides a summary of the three codes of ethics adopted by Three Codes. The three words help to convey the brand promise and have the bonus of being electrical terms.

Defining the Three Codes

After the three codes had been determined, idApostle fleshed out the promises into short, customer focussed copy:

At Three Codes, we excel at providing electrical services guided by the promise to be:

Energetic: In our approach to defining and installing solutions that meet client specific needs.

Current: By offering the latest products and technologies backed up with expert knowledge.

Efficient: In the delivery of our services and in the environmentally low-impact products we use.

Stationery for Ottawa electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Stationery for Three Codes (business cards, letterhead, envelope)

Website for electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Three Codes Website (using WordPress)

Badge for Ottawa electricians Three Codes by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Embroidered Three Codes logo for company shirts.

Deliverables: Company naming, logo, tagline, stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelope), stickers, website, copywriting, vehicle signage, and shirts.

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