Two idApostle Logos Selected for Design DNA: Logos

by Steve Zelle, Graphic Designer, Ottawa Canada

idApostle Logos Published in Design DNA Logos

The upcoming publication Design DNA: Logos: 500+ International Logos Deconstructed by Matthew Healey, and published by Rockport Publishers, will include two idApostle logos. The Westboro Nursery School branding and my idApostle logo were selected from the international entries as examples of graphic design that successfully convey brand values.

Design DNA: Logos: 500+ International Logos Deconstructed can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Design DNA: Logos
Amazon Description:

Design DNA: Logos is a practical and inspirational guide to logo design. A showcase of over 500 great logos from around the world, this book analyzes how and why logos are constructed to successfully communicate and convey brand value. The logos included are organized by industry sector, including Food and Drink, Fashion, Corporate, Travel and Tourism, Manufacturing, and Media and Entertainment. Each chapter deconstructs a range of recent logo solutions by examining and discussing their choice of font, color, characteristics, and imagery. A short design brief and company history is also included in order to illustrate how and why the logo design successfully portrays its message. A selection of case studies provides further in-depth analysis, and walk readers through the reasoning behind the design decisions that made the logo work. “Focus On” sections also provide useful information on specific elements such as typography, icons, and colors, and how to apply them to the logo design (i.e., why colors have certain meanings and what industries they are most suited to). Design DNA: Logos allows readers to learn from successful international logo solutions, which they can then take away and apply to their own designs. It is a must-have book for any logo designer.

About the Author

Matthew Healey is a freelance brand consultant and graphic designer. He has worked on several successful branding and design projects in Eastern Europe, and currently works as a designer for The New York Times. He is the author of What is Branding? for RotoVision.

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