WordPress Web Development and Design

For the last seven years, idApostle has focussed exclusively on using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform for all web projects.

Why I use WordPress:

  1. Popular CMS: WordPress is a CMS with millions of users. It does not require the user to understand HTML or CSS, but instead uses a simple dashboard and visual editor to manage content—similar to using a word processing program. WordPress is used for approximately 69 million websites and accounts for 57% of all content management systems.
  2. Open Source: WordPress, as well as the technologies it is built on (PHP/MySQL, GPL) are all open source and free.
  3. User-Friendly: WordPress is easy to use. The editing or adding of pages, posts, Search engine optimization (SEO), security, etc., are all easy to do. This enables clients to make changes or add content whenever they like.
  4. Multiple Users: WordPress allows for multiple users with different access privileges so people can write and publish a blog post but not have access to your entire site.
  5. Themes: WordPress has thousands of preexisting themes (templates) that can be purchased. All can be customized to meet specific needs and to better reflect your companies branding.
  6. Plugins: An endless supply of easy to use plugins are available to extend functionality. There are great plugins for search engine optimization (SEO), security, spam filters, e-commerce, client portals, just to name a few.
  7. Web Standards: WordPress complies to all web standards—a set of specifications and best practices for web development providing a degree of confidence that your site will work on all browsers and platforms. Note that this does not mean it will be problem free—the web is constantly changing, and issues with compatibility will always be present.
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly: SEO is key when developing any web presence. WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly, but you can leverage powerful plugins to extend its capabilities, and allow users to control easily their SEO efforts.
  9. Community: WordPress has a vast and engaged community ensuring that the platform will not be disappearing anytime soon. The WordPress community is also a valuable asset for problem-solving any issues.
  10. Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc. are all easily integrated into a WordPress site making sharing your content easier. As new social media platform develop, they are quickly added, keeping your site up to date.
  11. Blog: WordPress provides what is arguably the best blogging platform available. It is easy to use (similar to a word processing application), allows for individual access privileges, and content can be scheduled to be published in advance.
  12. Growth: Want to add functionality in the future? There is most likely a plug-in for it. Want to change the look of your site but keep all the content? Themes are easily swappable. WordPress allows you invest in a solution that will grow and adapt to changing needs.


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