idApostle is Steve Zelle, a graphic designer specializing in branding, naming and logo design. Located in Ottawa Canada, the studio works with global clients looking to improve brand perception and engagement.


By its nature, creativity can be hard to harness into a predictable and linear set of stages, but it is of enormous value to do so. A good creative process significantly improves the opportunity for a successful outcome in a reasonable time frame. It defines and controls costs, time, effort, direction, responsibility, expectations, conversation, collaboration, and goals. Learn more here.


There are crowdsourcing sites that will design a logo for $100 and agencies that will charge $10,000 plus. idApostle offers a compelling alternative that fits somewhere in-between. As a one-person studio my overhead is low, and after 25 years running design studios and designing branding I have extensive experience. If you are looking to make a reasonable investment in your branding, I may be an excellent choice.


Identity creation
Brand development
Tagline development
Usage guidelines
Print and collateral
Website design and development
Art direction


I strive to work with people that are like-minded, and believe finding the right partner, and process are critical to the success of every project. You can hear what past clients have to say about working with me here

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