Best Design, Branding and Marketing Book Ever

Authenticity. Best Design, Branding and Marketing Book Ever The two current posts on Processed Identity have me thinking about the importance of authenticity in branding. Design Kompany has created a reflection of their personalities that is warm, personal and caring. Kaboom Schneider is the opposite—extreme, aggressive and opinionated. They are both authentic, and they are two great examples of why we can’t be all things to all people. It reminded me of a terrific story that wouldn’t hurt to read every once in a while. It’s short—always a plus. It gets to the point with a memorable and gripping case study. It’s inexpensive to purchase and is guaranteed to be at your local library. If you have a child, it is likely on the bookshelf. You just may not have realized it was for you as well. Branding tip #1 from Eric Carle and his book The Mixed Up Chameleon: Always be authentic.


  • Kaboom Schneider says:
    Feb 13 at 08:39

    “extreme, aggressive and opinionated?” I will hunt you down and rip out your…oh, never mind. Tee-hee! 😉

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