Bricks and Books

I admittedly have a few bad habits. One of them is constantly ordering books that I do not read. They pile up on the bookshelf with the usefulness and weight of bricks. Setting time aside for reading can be difficult with client work and the distractions of blogging and social media, but experience has shown that doing so opens up new ways of thinking that I don’t manage to achieve from reading short blog posts. I will attempt to make my way through the dozens of books that have been ignored since having arrived from Amazon, and in the process post a few of my thoughts. Perhaps this will help a few readers with their next book purchase as well as lighten the load on my abused bookshelves. The first post is for Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming by Ellen Lupton.


  • Tim Lapetino says:
    Jul 19 at 10:51

    Steve, I can completely relate — I suffer from the same disease! But I’m always hoping that I make time to get to them, separating the books I’ve yet to read into their own separate shelf. But I guess, on the flip side, if you don’t buy them, then there’s *zero* chance you’ll read them. 🙂

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