Charitable and Pro-Bono Graphic Design and Branding Services

How I Select the Organizations I Work With

idApostle partners with a very select number of charities by offering reduced pricing or pro-bono services. These can be one-off projects or organizations with ongoing design needs. I am willing to help with brand strategy, naming, logo design, advertising, direct mail, posters—just about any graphic design requirement (services such as printing are not part of what I can offer). I am selective, and will only take on projects where:

  1. There are shared values between myself and the organization
  2. I believe I am in a position where we can improve awareness, participation, and donations
  3. The organization is prepared to work and provide the required information and resources
  4. The person or committee involved in the design process and approvals is organized and values my role and time

Ideally, you are Helping a Children’s Hospital (Particularly CHEO)

If you are a children’s hospital or are an organization working to help one, please get in touch—it doesn’t matter how big or small.

Is There a Good Fit?

To make an informed decision about whom best to partner with, please fill out all of the fields in the form below. I will get back to you within a few days, but please understand I cannot do pro-bono work for the vast majority of organizations that contact me.

After submitting form, please do not leave this page until it refreshes and you see a confirmation box.

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