Design Presentation Deck (Concept 2) for N45 Architecture Branding and Logo Design

This presentation deck is one of two idApostle created while developing the branding for N45 Architecture Inc. (N45), an architectural firm with 35 years experience, and a significant contributor to the architectural landscape of Ottawa. N45 offers solution-focused design and services primarily to institutions and developers. N45 delivers an interactive process that materializes each client’s vision while considering the long-term impact of design decisions. 

This concept focuses on the value of communication. It leverages the direct contact clients enjoy by highlighting the benefits of an ongoing conversation. 

The symbol is constructed of two elements (an abstract n and a 45-degree angle) to form a speech bubble. The symbol can also be interpreted as an open door, or as breaking free from a box (both in thinking and in design). The symbol has been modified and repurposed for use as a common visual element as seen on the letterhead and business cards. Along with the logo, it implies several layers of conversation and voices. 

This deck shows a few alternative designs—in particular the business cards that ended up being letterpress printed over using the photographs seen below, and the use of a new tagline ‘The conversation is ongoing’ that idApostle developed for the project.

You can view the other concept presented to N45 Architecture, and read more about the completed branding

A few pages of the deck not intended for public distribution have been removed.

Design Presentation Deck (Concept 2) for N45 Architecture Inc.

N45-Architecture-Branding-Presentation-Deck-02_Front-Cover N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Lockup-Colour N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Lockup-Black N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Logo-Gallery N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Symbol-Colour N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Symbol-Black N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Symbol-Reverse N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Business-Card N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Business-Card-copy N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Business-Card-copy-2 N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Envelope N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Letterhead N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Typography N45-Architecture-Presentation-Deck-02_Colour-Palette Branding-deck-Back-cover

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