Graphic Design Work in Trade, Swap or Barter

On occasion, I am approached by someone that is very interested in working with me but does not have the budget available to sign a traditional contract. On very rare occasions I am willing to trade graphic design services.

When Does Work in Trade, Swapping or Bartering for Graphic Design Service Work?

Work in trade or bartering can be a win-win situation only where both parties have something the other wants. The types of services or products am I willing to do design work in trade for varies depending on what I am in need of at the moment. In the past, I have exchanged design work for custom furniture, house painting, and construction (I have been offered work in trade for rides in a cold war fighter jet but declined).

I am extremely selective but always interested to hear what people have to offer. If there is a situation where we could both benefit, an agreement detailing responsibilities would be drawn up to ensure a professional and trouble-free relationship.

Do You Have Something Interesting to Offer in Place of a Traditional Contract?

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