• Ed Munro says:
    Nov 4 at 12:48

    “The more companies that use stock images… the greater the opportunity created for those companies that don’t.”

    We couldn’t agree more with this assessment. We too have some clients who argue for the use of stock photos mainly due to budget issues. When possible and applicable, we find ways to create our own (in-house) original photography that is still cost efficient. However, we are always the first to advocate using professional photographers for the obvious reason that it is unique and we have control over all aspects of production.
    With the right creative team and the right creative concept in place, the money invested in original photography (and logo design) is always, always far superior to the banality and limitations of stock images – and much better at distinguishing the brand.

    1. Steve Zelle says:
      Nov 4 at 01:47

      Ed, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think you bring up a great point by mentioning your use of in-house photography as an option over stock. It’s a creative and cost effective way to meet your clients needs while delivering a tailored image.

  • Brett Widmann says:
    Feb 10 at 03:07

    Thanks for sharing this info. I am going to be designing some logos in the near future so I’m gathering all the info I can find.

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