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A wordmark is a stylized typography-based logo design that prominently uses a company or product name. They are often used as the primary visual representation of a brand, most frequently when the name is short and memorable. Examples of well-known wordmarks include Coca-Cola, FedEx, and IBM. A few benefits of using a wordmark over a symbol/icon include the reduction of branding elements—there is one single asset rather than an icon that must also appear with the company name; memorable—the single typographic element increases association as the name is baked-in; simplicity—wordmarks lend themselves to a minimalistic approach that incorporates a unique twist. Wordmarks are generally better suited to short company names and depend on the letters in the name, and how the characters interact.

idApostle, an award-winning graphic design studio based in Ottawa, Canada, has been providing branding services, including designing wordmarks, for over 25 years. My work with clients is focused on enhancing brand engagement and perception by creating new brands, rebranding, and developing brand materials. The studio offers a comprehensive range of services catering to diverse needs, including company naming, tagline development, logo design, website design, packaging, signage, and print collateral.

To achieve successful outcomes within a reasonable timeframe, idApostle follows a well-structured creative process. This involves using the Armed with Purpose workbook, which helps manage and define costs, time, effort, direction, responsibility, expectations, conversation, collaboration, and goals.

If you are interested in exploring if a wordmark is appropriate for your company branding, reach out.

Note that while not all of the featured images below are wordmarks, each linked project does include a wordmark.

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