Ottawa Health Group Alternate Branding and Logo Design Concept

As a graphic designer, I typically offer two to three initial concepts to my clients. All are rooted in the same approved creative direction but provide different ways of solving the creative problem.

This design is one of two alternative concepts presented to the Ottawa Health Group. While not selected as the direction for the final branding, the ideas serve as valuable conversation points between graphic designer and client, feeding into the final design.

The Ottawa Health Group provides clients with an integrated approach to wellness through a range of services including Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture.

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Logo Colour

∧ Logo (colour)

This solution focusses—as does the final branding—on representing the goal of increasing mobility for patients of the Ottawa Health Group. The vast majority of clients are looking for ways to improve/manage pain to increase their ability to move.

The symbol is composed of two elements: a lower case ‘h’ representing a chair, and an arrow moving away from the chair—the action of a patient moving.

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Logo Black

∧ Logo (black)

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Symbol

∧ Symbol

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Business Cards

∧ Business Cards (front and back)

The back of the business cards move the arrow further away from the chair, emphasizing increasing results, and is an example of how the symbol can be adapted to work in various applications.

Ottawa Health Group Additional Symbols

∧ Additional Symbols

The symbol is modified again to create graphics targeting increased mobility for patients using wheelchairs and that are bedridden. Patients that are unable to walk are treated with the goal of maintaining and ideally increasing the mobility they do have.

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Wall Decal

∧ Wall decal

A proposed wall decal to be placed behind chairs within the office waiting area takes the logo and transforms it into the physical space.

Ottawa Health Group Alternate Bus Advertisement

∧ Bus Shelter Advertisement

This transit poster was targeted at athletes. A sizable portion of the Ottawa Health Group’s patients are professional athletes that use services to either optimize their health or to rehabilitate after an injury.

Client Testimonial

Dr. Mark deGruchy and Karen Zanet-deGruchy

. . . The Ottawa Health Group received stunning designs matching creativity and professionalism with uniqueness and modernism, an identity we are proud to call our own. Intimacy and understanding of project needs were matched with flexibility and priority and were impressive on multiple levels. The high standard set for production and timeliness was only surpassed by the hours of dedication to listen, understand and develop stunning designs.”

Dr. Mark deGruchy & Karen Zanet-deGruchy

More about the Ottawa Health Group Branding Project

Final branding for Ottawa Health Group

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