Processed Identity Launched

Along with the idApostle website going live this month, I am launching Processed Identity, a site I began working on and promoting in November last year. The idea came from my interest in the different creative processes graphic designers use to develop logo and branding solutions for their clients. I wanted to explore the benefits a client receives when investing in a creative process to develop a solution for a particular set of existing needs. When “instant” brands became readily available for download through stock logo sites, I thought it was a great opportunity for me and other graphic designers to reinforce the value of what we provide to our clients. My opinion is that like all things stock, there is a market (and need) for it, and it isn’t going away. Stock is now another choice that clients have.

Processed Identity Website by Ottawa Graphic Designer idApostle

Share How You Got There

What began as a personal interest soon struck a chord with graphic designers who wanted to contribute examples of how they achieved results for their clients. The spirit of these offers and the comments left by visitors on the Processed Identity holding page, guided the format for the website. As a community-driven site, it is up to the contributors to determine what Processed Identity will become, but my hope is that it will be a positive resource, encouraging thoughtful and mindful communication for both clients and designers. At launch, the site has three ongoing parts:

  1. Process Study:  Submitted by a designer, the studies will provide insights into their creative process, showcasing the entire development of an identity, or focusing on a specific aspect of the process. The rules are few, the main qualification being that the study must be of a published identity created for an existing set of needs, and that it provides insight into the creative process it followed. Submission guidelines are available for download.
  2. Discussion Topic: A question related to the creative process will be posted by the designer that submitted the previous Process Study for visitors to contribute and form discussions around.
  3. Articles: Myself and guest contributors will post contributions related to the creative process and visual identity design.

We are Him+Her Starts Things Off

The first Process Study is by We are Him+Her, a very talented team in the UK. Their study explores the development of their logo. My experience is that as far as clients go, it doesn’t get tougher than designing for yourself.  “What determines the number of concepts you show to a client?” is the first discussion topic and We are Him+Her have gotten things started by posting their insightful reply. The first article, “My Clients are Paying for the Process First and the Logo Second”, explores the need to communicate to our clients the value we bring, beyond the logo.

Thanks for Sharing

Thanks to everyone who has helped out to this point, and if you would like to contribute to the future of Processed Identity, please get in touch through the contact form on the site. We are looking for designers and clients to share insights through articles, studies, and conversation, and invite you to join in.

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