“Working with idApostle was truly a great experience. Steve guided me through every step of my branding, gave me a professional overview of the work I would be receiving in exchange for what price, and delivered as promised. All things that may seem simple, but are unfortunately rare in business dealings today. The result was a brand I loved and could push proudly, which is exactly what I hired them for. I would (and have) strongly recommended idApostle to anyone looking to take their image to the next level. 

Jason Mayhew,Flipped. View project.

“Transforming vision and concepts into a full corporate identity package takes creativity, passion and a high standard of organization and efficiency. Branding a company image through the design of a logo, website, business cards, brochures, stationery and marketing tools takes brilliance and it is amazing all the terrific characteristics required for impressive design and development found their way into one graphic designer, Steve Zelle. The Ottawa Health Group received stunning designs matching creativity and professionalism with uniqueness and modernism, an identity we are proud to call our own. Intimacy and understanding of project needs were matched with flexibility and priority and impressive on multiple levels. The high standard set for production and timeliness was only surpassed by the hours of dedication to listen, understand and brand stunning designs. Steve continues to offer his expertise and precision to the Ottawa Health Group, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to work with him and expand our marketing strategies and concepts. We highly recommend idApostle and look forward to the future.”

Dr. Mark deGruchy and Karen Zanet-deGruchy, Ottawa Health Group, Ottawa Canada. view project

“As a company whose focus is bilateral trade and services between North American and India, we had a requirement for a visual identity that worked across cultures and was sensitive to different needs. Steve captured the idea of accelerated growth and global connections in an identity that was and continues to be relevant to our markets in North America and India. His process caused us to hone our own strategy and develop the identity that we were looking for. The service he provides is exceptional and he has always made himself available — during the process and after. I have had no hesitation in recommending him in the past and continue to do so.”

Mike Manson, CEO of TaraSpan, Ottawa, Canada. view project 

“Creating an identity was something I knew was vital for success on my own as a designer. Like most designers, personal and client commitments were always higher on the to-do list. Steve gave me a perfect balance of creative freedom and influence along the entire project. His calm, organized process made the project feel effortless and quite fun, I was always excited to see what he came up with next. Most importantly, I know there was a solid thought process behind every decision.”

Curt Ziegler, Cudazi. view project

“The assumption that artists can easily establish their own brand is inaccurate. The reality is that as a fine artist, my focus is on my work and branding requires a distinctly different skills-set. I wanted a mark, something that was representative of who I am as well as reflecting my style. Working with Steve was a wonderful experience. His professional approach was refreshing. Steve’s deep passion for his work and love for identities provided invaluable perspective throughout the process. He brings an enthusiasm through a process that make you acutely aware that you are defining your brand at the ground level. The end-product exceeded my expectations, it is exactly, well . . . me!”

Jennifer R.A. Campbell, Artist. view project

“What makes the work so strong is the creative thinking behind it. They helped Coredge stand out from the competition—not just by making us look different, but by capturing what really makes us different. It has been a huge asset.”

Gabriel Cassis, President of Coredge Software, Ottawa, Canada. view project

“Steve managed to capture the essence of our school’s philosophy in a logo reflecting warmth and structure. Throughout the process, he was consistently professional, creative and above all, helpful as this was a new experience for us coming into it with a logo that was 40 years old. Steve sincerely cared about what he was doing for us on a personal level and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Wendy Dunn, Director of the Westboro Nursery School, Ottawa Canada. view project

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