Three idApostle Logos in Signs, Symbols and Pictograms

Signs Symbols and Pictograms Cover This great graphic design book has been out for a while, but I have just recently purchased a copy. This small (125 mm x 125 mm) and yet big (700 page) logo book is published by German-based Zeis and Feierabend Unique Books.

The world is full of signs and symbols. Their language is universal, it has to be easily understood, unambiguos and intelligible in every region and culture. Still there is enough room for variations and innovations. Signs, Symbols & Pictograms presents new designs for a great variety of purposes.” from the Zeixs website

Signs Symbols and Pictograms Processed Identity Signs Symbols and Pictograms idApostle Food Ottawa Food Bank The logos for idApostle, Processed Identity and the Ottawa Food Bank are included in this design ‘cube’. I love the publications clean layout and how every image was given its own page, providing focus on the work. I should have ordered it sooner.

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