Branding can be the Absence of a Logo

no logo branding

A recent experience with a local and independent toy store provided a striking example of how focusing on what matters to your customers is key to building a strong brand.

Rather than print the company logo on their bags like Toys R Us, Play Value Toys cleverly chooses to offer dark, opaque, and unbranded bags. This small gesture avoids piquing the interest of your child should they see the bag. Is your box of Lego too big for their standard bags? No problem—they have a supply of large black garbage bags just in case.

The decision to not brand their bags is a clear demonstration of how Play Value Toys cares beyond the point of sale and differentiates them from their competition as a result.

By thinking more about your particular audiences needs, every company—including yours—can discover small ways to create meaningful connections with significant brand impact.

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