Armed With Purpose: A Workbook for Creating a Brand That Sticks

Armed With Purpose (A Branding Discovery Tool) Cover by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

A Branding Discovery Tool

The branding process should provide value far beyond the delivery of a symbol. Armed With Purpose is a discovery tool that ensures the process is not about making something pretty, but a strategic exercise that demands an investment of time and effort. Armed With Purpose is an interactive PDF with questions regarding your company, audience, offering and brand. A company can’t simply hand off branding to a graphic designer and expect it to be successful. Without deep understanding and context, a designer can quickly end up producing a square peg their client will forever be trying to fit into a round hole. A designer and client that spend the appropriate resources in developing a deep understanding shine a bright light on potential pitfalls and illuminate the path to a solution.

Armed With Purpose is a Tool That:

  1. Encourages discussion about your company, its offering and why you matter
  2. Ensures clarity and consensus amongst your team and idApostle
  3. Contributes to defining goals and responsibilities
  4. Helps to gather information about your business, offering, competition, brand and audience

Armed With Purpose Company Spread by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle Armed With Purpose Audience Spread by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle Armed With Purpose Offering Spread by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle Armed With Purpose Brand Spread by Ottawa graphic designer idApostle

Who is Armed With Purpose for?

Armed With Purpose was created for startups and small businesses that know good design is about meeting strategic needs, and a key factor in the success of a company.

It’s Valuable for Companies That:

  1. Know having the best product is rarely enough
  2. Acknowledge people always have a choice in the companies, services and products they use
  3. Believe branding can help simplify the decision-making process
  4. Want to matter to the people that buy or use their product or service
  5. Believe the goal of branding is not to have everyone like the result, but to have certain people love it

Why Invest the Time?

Companies that invest in their brand have fewer obstacles between themselves and their audience. They stand out. They demonstrate to their staff, investors and customers that they care. They proudly express their unique nature. Armed With Purpose provides you and idApostle with a thoughtful, inspirational and informative document. It is the starting point for future conversations and informs the development of a clear creative direction required to develop strong branding.

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