Logo Design and Branding Timeframe/Schedule

Every logo design or branding project has its unique requirements, and so the following is just one example of a schedule of tasks, responsibilities and the time allocated.

Projects can incur additional days to accommodate clients that require more time for approvals and to answer questions. It is also possible to reduce the total number of days with speedy turnarounds so get in touch if you have special requirements.

This example schedule does not include additional deliverables that require extensive time such as company naming or website development but could potentially allow for smaller deliverables. A detailed look at the creative process using this schedule is available here.

TaskResponsibilityDays for taskTotal days
Initial contactClient00
Follow-up email or callidApostle11
Quotation providedidApostle12
Quotation approvalClient13
Deposit paidClient03
Armed With Purpose providedidApostle14
Armed With Purpose returnedClient59
Follow-up questionsidApostle211
Responses to follow-up questionsClient213
Written creative direction providedidApostle215
Creative direction approvedClient116
Concept deck providedidApostle1026
Concept deck feedbackClient228
Revised concept deck providedidApostle331
Revised concept deck approvedClient233
Final stationery artwork proofidApostle235
Approval of final stationeryClient136
Final payment madeClient137
Delivery of filesidApostle138

A Few Notes

Armed With Purpose is an interactive PDF discovery tool that ensures the process is not aimed at making something pretty, but a strategic exercise that demands an investment of time and effort.

The concept deck provides context, giving real life examples of the proposed branding in use rather than merely presenting a logo in isolation.

The initial deposit is 50% of total project costs.

The schedule indicates workdays only—weekends are for resting up after all.

Want to get in touch? Whether you’re interested in working on a project together or just have a question or comment, use the form here, and we’ll chat soon.

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