• Joshua Balleza says:
    Mar 6 at 02:56

    I was wondering why your article was on facebook but it wasn’t up on here yet! Anyways, I thought your article on the “999 components” book was great insight. I totally agree that so many people are making branding/identity so much of a template based creative process that it hardly is creative anymore.

  • Steve Zelle says:
    Mar 6 at 05:56

    Thanks Joshua. I am still trying to sort out how/what I will post on here versus on Facebook. I think for what I consider the more interesting Facebook posts I will add a link on this site—lIke I have done here.

    The book is horrible and I am surprised that Rockport didn’t anticipate it’s publication would upset a few designers. I am hopeful they won’t make a second edition of ‘clip art logos’.

    I checked out your site and you have some nice work. In particular, I liked the Sophomore Piano Recital Poster

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