• Jon Williams says:
    Nov 30 at 09:10

    Thank you for the article! Thoughtful pondering of the tangible value of a logo/identity/brand is always appreciated.

    However, I’m not certain that I agree with the need for a logo to undergo “constant investment”. Occasional modifications to account for shifting business models, markets and methods of reproduction certainly. But if a logo becomes an ongoing expense surely something was amiss in its creation.

    Investment must be made in continued careful and consistent application and extension of the overall identity system, of which the logo is the most visible totem. And any business that doesn’t monitor and provide ongoing support for their brand perception is asking for trouble. But I’m curious how you propose an organization consistently invest in its logo alone.

    Also, one more thing… recall that the cited Nike and Apple logos have changed over time, and used to have that ‘bit more’. Initially the iconic swoosh was never seen without the associated NIKE logotype. And Apple’s simple, synonymous symbol once wore rainbow stripes (and often a Garamond logotype).

  • Steve Zelle says:
    Nov 30 at 09:35

    Absolutely—I was speaking (perhaps a little confusingly) of a brand and not the logo requiring constant investment of time and resources.

    Even with the rainbow stripes, and supporting brand names, both the Nike and Apple logos were simple designs that didn’t try to do too much. The strong emotional associations they now have are a result of time (and brand investment). Far too many clients expect a logo to have these connections built in from day one.

    I very much appreciate your taking the time to comment Jon.

  • Debashis says:
    Dec 1 at 02:49

    Very nice article. This would definitely help most designers to understand how much it is important to work and design a logo that really helps the organization to explain what they are for! Certainly a best lesson for the logo designers like me 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicholas Hammond says:
    Dec 11 at 12:43

    Frequently I deal with clients that do not know or even appreciate the value of any type of art let alone a logo. I think nowadays a logo’s effect is even more important than one might think. I agree with the entirety of your article and think logos in general should be placed at a value a lot higher than they are currently.

  • Brett Widmann says:
    Mar 3 at 12:36

    This article nails it! Logos are very important in finding brand loyalty, recognition and even new clients. Thanks for sharing.

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