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Before Mad Men, There Was Ben Day

Ben Day, is a 1996 black comedy by Dana Arnett. Ben is the ficticious creator behind Happy the Hamburger Helper Hand, Americas most beloved corporate icon. After an eight year rut, Ben finds a new source of inspiration in ‘closet man’ and his groundbreaking work results in both awards and an unparalleled ego.

Armed With a Purpose

I was asked to contribute an article for the quarterly publication on the subject of logo design—specifically how design should be approached as a business exercise and not simply a task of crafting a pretty visual. Armed With a Purpose outlines the importance for a graphic designer to understand context through research and not simply be a taxi driver.
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Logo Nest Book Giveaway

I am thrilled to have contributed the article The Role of Sketching in the Creative Process to Logo Nest 01. The newly released book is now shipping and I am giving away two copies of the limited edition run.

Designers Shouldn’t Be Taxi Drivers

“Over the years, I have traveled a great deal all over the world. When I arrive at the airport in a city, I have a business problem to be solved. I am at the airport and I need to get to my hotel. As I leave the terminal building, I usually see a number of taxis waiting to take passengers to their destinations. All I have to do is tell the taxi driver exactly where I want to go. The taxi takes me to my destination, and I pay a fee for this service.
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