Tagline Development

We build on transparency.

Tagline for Lionhead, a firm that designs, manages, and builds high-quality new homes.
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Engaged with your health.

Tagline for Ottawa Health Group, a health care provider.
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Discover simplicity.

Tagline for Coredge Software, a software company specializing in easy to use knowledge discovery tools.
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Energetic. Current. Efficient.

Tagline for Three Codes, a group of electricians guided by three promises.
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Creating sites that breathe.

Tagline for Cudazi, a web developer with a passion for minimal design.
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Share how you got there.

Tagline for Processed Identity, a website exploring the creative process of brand development.
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An identity love affair.

Tagline for idApostle.

The conversation is ongoing.

Proposed tagline for N45 Architecture Inc., an Ottawa-based architectural firm.
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A fortified defence.

Proposed tagline for Abergel Goldstein & Partners, an Ottawa-based criminal defence law firm.
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